A guide to go to the beautiful Island of Matukad

The island of Matukad is one of the small islands situated near the region of Caramoan. Like a number of other islands there in the region, the beaches of Matukad and other surrounding water channels are supposed to be freckled with the cliffs of limestone. However, these beaches are not big enough. The thing that is loved and appreciated about Matukad Island the most is its beauty, the fine sand, and the attraction for tourists. The tourists always have a question in their mind about Matukad Island – How to go there. This article can be very helpful and serve as a guide for the people who want to visit the place.

The material or the type of the island is mainly a sandy beach. The airport nearest to this island is the Naga Airport and the Virac Airport. These two airports are situated in Camarines Sur and Catanduanes respectively. The route to go there can be quite simple if you follow the hhelpline. Starting from Manila, you have to fly to Naga which is one of the cities near the Matukad Island. The time of flight is approximately forty minutes. From the city of Naga, you have to travel by a jeep, van or anything to the port of Sabang. The distance to be travelled takes almost one and a half hrs. After that, you travel through a passenger boat to the port of Guijalo; it takes two hours to complete the journey. You do not have to wait a lot for the boat if you reach the spot between 7 to 11am; this is because a boat is supposed to depart from the port every hour from the mentioned time. You can ride by a bike, jeep, etc. to the region of Caramoan from where you can easily reach the port of Bikal by travelling through a tricycle. After reading this, you would surely be clear about the Matukad Island – How to go there.

An alternative route can also be opted. For this, you have to fly to the city of Virac in Catanduanes. When you reach the airport, you can hire something like a tricycle and set your way to the port of Codon; it will take about one hour to reach there. The boats are given here on rent to reach Caramoan and then travel to Matukad Island from there. The cost per boat for the tour is defined already.

After knowing the things about Matukad Island – How to go there, the most important thing that should not be missed about the island is the mythical tale. According to it, there is a small lake in Matukad named Matukad Lagoon; it is surrounded by this intriguing tale. You must ask about this tale to the boatmen or other guides surrounding you; they will tell you the whole story in a very interesting way that you will surely enjoy. This is all about the travel guide to the Matukad island!

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