Matukad Island – A place worth visiting

There is an island named Caramoan Island located is the eastern region of Philippines. The island is defined by the aquatic life and the green mountains that stretch throughout the land of the Caramoan Island. The island provides an access to a number of other beautiful islands of Philippines. Matukad Island is one of those islands that are visited by the tourists because of their beauty and attraction.

The island of Matukad is considered to be one of the smallest islands in the region of Caramoan. The shores of the island are covered very powdery textured, fine white sand cliffs that are walled with limestone. There is a lush and amazing tropical forest near the island where a small sized hidden lake can be found in the center. A refreshing look is given by the peak of the limestone and sand cliff and the overall view is very pleasant.

When you walk on the beech of Matukad barefooted, that feeling is incomparable and matchless; in fact you experience something like an electrifying effect as soon as your feet touch the sand. Everything in the island must be felt deeply; it shows the extreme beauty of nature. The colors of plants and the formations of rocks in the Matukad Island are very colorful; while the remaining things are white and quite clear. There can be seen a number of crushed shells’ portions that add up to the beauty of the island. The place is considered to be just perfect for the goers of beech who really love nature, feel relaxed while lying on the sand and enjoy the beauty around them. Some of the portions near the island in the shore are such that the visitors can easily hide from the tremendous heat of the sun particularly in the hot days of summer.

The island of Matukad is not just famous for the fine texture of its sand and the glamour of its rocks, but also it is one of the most loved places by the visitors because it provides the chances to climb so that you can be awed by Matukad’s shore line. In fact, the word “Matukad” itself means to climb up.

The beautiful and sharp rocks in the island lead the visitors to have a complete view of sea water at 180 degrees; it also includes the shore line of the island. Moreover, the sea can also be seen whose attraction intrigue people to climb up the sharp cliffs and rocks and have a view of the natural beauty. There is also a famous tale according to which there is a milkfish that habituates in the lake and it can only be seen if someone climbs the rocks; this tale increases the visitors’ excitement level. There are a number of guides found at the Matukad Island who tell you the whole story about the milkfish. If anybody wants to climb the rocks in the island, he/she is allowed but there is a boundary defined for the safe zone that must not be crossed.

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